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Retrothyroidal intramuscular haemangioma (Feb.2019)

Case presentation A 16  years old female presented in private clinic with 5×3 cm painless mass in Left anterior triangle of neck. On clinical examination the mass was firm fixed and didn’t move with swallowing. Ultrasound examination showed 5x3x2 cm vascular swelling in left anterior triangle posterior to the left thyroid lobe. Thyroid gland was normal. The mass was just behind thyroid lobe mimicking parathyroid mass. Thyroid function test was normal. Serum calcium and parathyroid hormone were within normal. Provisional diagnosis of parathyroid [...]

The 15th Whipple’s operation by the same surgical team (Jan 2019)

Whipple’s pancreaticodoudenectomy for ampullary carcinoma Case presentation Sixty eight years old male patient referred by the gastroenterologist { Dr Muslim Al Khafagi }, as a case of ampulla tumor for Whipple’s operation. The patient diagnosed by abdominal US , abdominal CT scan, and ERCP ampulla biopsy plus CBD plastic stent. The histopathology of endoscopic biopsy was adenocarcinoma. The tumor was resectable and neither vascular invasion nor distal metastasis was detected. The patient has non relevant past medical history and negative past [...]

Unusual presentation of type IV Choledochal cyst in 8 years old boy (Des. 2018)

Case presentation Eight years old boy referred by the gastroenterologist { Dr Muslim Al Khafagi }, as a case of type IV choledochal cyst for surgical intervention. He was presented with upper GI bleeding and anemia three weeks before referral. He was treated conservatively and emergency OGD was done for him and revealed HAEMOBILIA. Abdominal US and MRI plus MRCP were done. Diagnosis of choledochal cyst was made and referred for operative management. The gastroenterologist thought about possibility of heterotopic gastric [...]

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for Left Sided GB without Situs Inversus (Nov. 2018)

REVIEW OF LITERATURE  Laparoscopic cholecystectomy for a left-sided gallbladder Mazen E Iskandar, Agnes Radzio, Merab Krikhely, I Michael Leitman Mazen E Iskandar, Agnes Radzio, Merab Krikhely, I Michael Leitman, Department of Surgery, Albert Einstein College of Medicine-Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, NY 10003, United States Author contributions: Iskandar ME, Radzio A, Krikhely M and Leitman IM contributed to the designing, drafting, editing and approval of the final version of this manuscript; Krikhely M performed the operation. Correspondence to: I Michael Leitman, MD, Department [...]

Papillary thyroid carcinoma MISS DIAGNOSED as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis with thyroidization of cervical LN (Oct. 2018)

Case presentation25 years old female patient presented with painless left cervical lymph node enlargement for one month duration not responding to simple medical treatment. On examination there were multiple enlarged and palpable firm left upper, middle and lower jugular lymph nodes with palpable solid left thyroid nodule. Neck ultrasound examination with chest x ray done followed by FNAC from cervical LN.Thyroid function test was normal.DIAGONSIS was thyroid carcinoma with metastasis to cervical LNs. The patient prepared for surgery.The operation [...]

Succesfull three ports laparoscopic cholecystectomy for left sided gallbladder in female patient with situs inversus totalis (Sep. 2018)

Case presentation 32 years old female patient known case of situs inversus totalis presented with left upper quadrant abdominal pain referred to the left shoulder. Abdominal examination: Tender left hypochondria with positive Murphy’s sign. Abdominal Ultrasound reveals situs inversus totalis with left sided acute calculus cholecystitis. Blood tests revealed normal haematolgical and biochemical results. The patient put on medical treatment and she responded well within 2 weeks. The patient advised to do laparoscopic cholecystectomy after another 2 weeks. Successful 3 ports laparoscopic cholecystectomy [...]

Near Total Parotidectomy for Parotid Haemangioma (July 2018)

Current Treatment of Parotid Hemangiomas  Abstract Parotid hemangiomas are the most common salivary gland tumors in children. Their treatment has posed a challenge because of the lesions’ expansive growth, resistance to treatment, and relationship with the facial nerve. Various treatment modalities have been attempted, and promising results have been achieved with surgical resection alone or in conjunction with endovascular sclerotherapy. Recently, bleomycin and oral propranolol have been introduced, and the results thus far are promising. Here we elucidate the treatment options [...]

Mirrizi type I Difficult Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (June 2018)

Review Of Literature  World J Gastroenterol. 2012 Sep 14; 18(34): 4639–4650. Published online 2012 Sep 14. doi:  10.3748/wjg.v18.i34.4639 PMCID: PMC3442202 PMID: 23002333 Mirizzi syndrome: History, current knowledge and proposal of a simplified classification Marcelo A Beltrán   Abstract Chronic complications of symptomatic gallstone disease, such as Mirizzi syndrome, are rare in Western developed countries with an incidence of less than 1% a year. The importance and implications of this condition are related to their associated and potentially serious surgical complications such as bile duct injury, and to its [...]